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Attendance and Punctuality

The Government has set attendance targets for pupils at school. The target for 2018 – 19 is: “For all pupils to achieve a minimum of 96.1% attendance.” 


All schools are required to publish figures for authorised and unauthorised absence from school. We work hard to reduce the number of unauthorised absences by contacting parents each morning if their child is absent from school. We also send a copy of your child’s attendance certificate with their school report and discuss it with you at Parents’ Evening.



Only the Head Teacher, on behalf of the governing body, can authorise absence from school. Absence can only be authorised for the following reasons: 


  • Illness;
  • Unavoidable medical appointments;
  • Recognised religious observance;
  • Funerals;
  • Traumatic events.


The Department for Education does not permit holidays during term time. If there is a reason for absence that is not covered by the above list and could be considered ‘exceptional circumstances’ then parents/carers must request the leave in writing, giving detailed information about why the absence is required.   If the school refuses a request for term time leave, yet the child is taken out of school regardless, this will be noted as ‘unauthorised absence’. This will then be referred to the Education Welfare Service to issue a fixed penalty notice.  


What is unauthorised absence?

  • Holidays
  • Any absence when no reason is given
  • Shopping
  • Birthdays
  • Looking after other family members
  • Taking all your children to appointments when it only related to one child
  • Waiting in for trades people
  • Unapproved sporting event
  • Visiting relatives
  • Getting up late
  • Missing the bus
  • Poor weather – unless authorised by school
  • Days out



We believe that good punctuality is a vital part of the education of each child. Good habits learnt at an early age can only benefit your child in later life. Education Welfare closely monitor punctuality and will contact parents of children who are persistently late.  

Arriving late to school has a serious effect on your child’s education; please consider the following:

  • The child arrives flustered, worried and unprepared to start their lessons.
  • They miss the vital introduction to their lesson and maybe precision teaching which takes place at the beginning of the school day.
  • Their late arrival disrupts the rest of the class.
  • They are not included on the Lunchtime Register which is taken at the same time as the Attendance Register. This is used to make dinner arrangements and your child may be omitted.


We recommend that children arrive in the School playground in good time to enable them to enter school with their class and begin Registration promptly at 8:55. A record is kept in school for children who are late. Parents of pupils who are consistently late are contacted by the Head Teacher.



  • Encourage and help your child to attend school on time every day. 
  • Contact us if you are having problems getting your child to school. We are here to help!
  • Take your family holidays during school holiday time.
  • Try and avoid having medical and dental appointments during the school day.  



  • Notify school immediately (on the first day) if your child is absent from school for any reason.
  • Provide medical evidence (if requested).