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Attendance shop

At Walsall Wood School, we have high expectations of attendance; aiming for every child to reach the national target of 96.1%. In order to reward excellent attendance, the school raises the profile of attendance through Celebration assemblies and by operating an exciting rewards scheme, called Attendance Shop. 


Each week in Celebration Assembly we announce the winning class for the week with the highest attendance figures. This class takes away a certificate and reward. We then display these certificates in class so that children can follow their attendance throughout the term. Excellent Attendance is then rewarded at the end of each term when the children visit Attendance Shop and select their prize.


100% Attendance

Choose a top prize from the Gold Tables


95-99% Attendance

Choose a prize from the Silver Tables


Pupils who do not receive a prize at the end of a Term if they have been absent (due to illness, holiday etc) have a chance to improve their attendance during the following term and receive a prize if they achieve 95% or above.


At the end of the year special prizes are awarded to those pupils who have maintained 100% attendance throughout the three terms.