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Changes to Woody's Booking & Payment System

From January, we will no longer be accepting cash payments for Woody’s Fun Club. Instead we have a new, simple online system that allows parents to book and pay for a place at their own convenience. This system is called School Gateway and it is available from 18th December 2017 to make bookings for sessions from January to July 2018.


You will need to access:


When you visit the school gateway website for the first time, please select ‘new user’ and enter your email address and mobile telephone number that you have registered with the school. The system will send a PIN code to your phone, please enter this PIN and your account will be activated for you. As soon as you have the system set up, you will be able to pay money to the school online.


If you have recently changed your email address or mobile telephone number, please let us know so that we can update our records.


The great thing about online booking is that, as a parent, you will be able to see if there are places available in the club. If the club is full, you will not be permitted to book a place. This will assist the school in ensuring that staff do not take children over the permitted number so that fire regulations are always met.


Please give the office a call if you have any questions.