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Reading Recovery


Mrs Hardy is a specialist Reading Recovery teacher who provides intensive support for individual children in Years 1 and 2 who are finding it difficult to develop effective reading and writing skills. The children undertake a variety of activities involving reading and writing whole texts and specific work at letter and word level. Each programme is individually designed to build on the strengths and to support the needs of the child. This enables the children to develop as confident, active readers and writers and helps them to catch up with their peers. To find out more about the Reading Recovery programme please visit the following link. 

Please find below some useful reading material about Reading Recovery:

Boosting Reading @ Primary

Some children in KS2 need a bit of extra support to develop their independent reading skills, fluency or comprehension. Where children are identified as needing something additional, Mrs Peakman may work with them on the BR@P programme. BR@P is a short-term, 1-1 intervention programme designed to support each child to ‘boost their potential’ in reading. Each child receives 15 minute lessons several times a week for about 10 weeks.