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It is our aim to inspire our children to develop a life-long love of learning through a highly imaginative and child led cross-curricular approach. Our Creative Curriculum aims to provide children with the essential skills to be independent learners.


We aim to deliver this by:

  • Clearly mapping the essential skills to be taught;
  • Allowing the children’s interests and knowledge to guide their learning;
  • Making learning meaningful by linking it to their context;
  • Allowing children to develop their creativity and imagination;
  • Making cross curricular links to give learning depth;
  • Encouraging challenge so the children become resilient learners


Children are encouraged to continue their learning outside the classroom and will receive a list of suggested activities they could complete at home with each topic covered. We use trips and guest visitors to help bring learning alive and give children opportunities to learn in different ways.


Each Cornerstones unit includes 4 main elements. These are:


This is a  stage of learning that provides children with an inspiring and thought provoking starting point that stirs curiosity and initiates interest. Children:

  • have memorable experiences;
  • develop interests;
  • pose and explore questions;
  • explore and enquire information;
  • talk and discuss;
  • enjoy!



This is a stage of learning that provides children with an opportunity to develop and master key skills and independence. Children:

  • develop knowledge, skills, understanding and techniques;
  • practise basic skills;
  • develop study skills.



This is a stage of learning that challenges children’s ability to work creatively, exploring possibilities and finding solutions. Children:

  • use and apply knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • solve problems;
  • develop imagination and creativity.



This is a stage of learning that empowers children to share, celebrate and reflect with a range of partners and audiences. Children:

  • produce information;
  • Share their new learning, often through presentation and performance; 
  • Reflect on their understanding;
  • Evaluate what they have learned;
  • Celebrate their achievements.



Cornerstone Overview 2018-19