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It is our aim to inspire our children to develop a life-long love of learning through a highly imaginative and child led cross-curricular approach. Our Creative Curriculum aims to provide children with the essential skills to be independent learners.


We aim to deliver this by:

  • Clearly mapping the essential skills to be taught;
  • Allowing the children’s interests and knowledge to guide their learning;
  • Making learning meaningful by linking it to their context;
  • Allowing children to develop their creativity and imagination;
  • Making cross curricular links to give learning depth;
  • Encouraging challenge so the children become resilient learners


Children are encouraged to continue their learning outside the classroom and will receive a list of suggested activities they could complete at home with each topic covered. We use trips and guest visitors to help bring learning alive and give children opportunities to learn in different ways.


Each Cornerstones unit includes 4 main elements. These are:


This is a  stage of learning that provides children with an inspiring and thought provoking starting point that stirs curiosity and initiates interest. Children:

  • have memorable experiences;
  • develop interests;
  • pose and explore questions;
  • explore and enquire information;
  • talk and discuss;
  • enjoy!



This is a stage of learning that provides children with an opportunity to develop and master key skills and independence. Children:

  • develop knowledge, skills, understanding and techniques;
  • practise basic skills;
  • develop study skills.



This is a stage of learning that challenges children’s ability to work creatively, exploring possibilities and finding solutions. Children:

  • use and apply knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • solve problems;
  • develop imagination and creativity.



This is a stage of learning that empowers children to share, celebrate and reflect with a range of partners and audiences. Children:

  • produce information;
  • Share their new learning, often through presentation and performance; 
  • Reflect on their understanding;
  • Evaluate what they have learned;
  • Celebrate their achievements.


Topic overview 19-20

EYFS Cornerstones overview


Autumn 1

N- Why do you love me so much?

R-Why can’t I eat chocolate for breakfast?

Who do you love? How do you make others feel loved? Join us for a celebration of our emotions and feelings.


We love chocolate!!!!!! But why can’t we eat it for breakfast? Take a journey through the body and find out about ourselves and eating a balanced diet. . Having some fun chocolate experimenting on the way!

Autumn 2

Why do leaves go crispy?


Take a crunchy walk in the leaves or create a snow angel in the snow. This topic explores the changing season.


Come and join the celebration! Look at the similarities an differences between celebrations in our lives and celebrations from around the world.

Spring 1

How does the building the stay up?

What is the tallest building? How does it stay up? Create your own structure and see if it can withstand the tests of the big bad wolf!

Spring 2


Will you read me a story?

What is your favuorite story? Why? Should Jack have gone up the beanstalk? Are you scared of the three bears? Let’s use our imagination to bring our favourite stories to life.

Summer 1

Which was the biggest dinosaur?

Grrrrrrrr!! STOMP STOMP!!! Watch out EYFS there is a dinosaur on the lose and you need to turn into archeologists to help us identify the dinosaurs.

Summer 2

Why do Spiders eat flies? 

6 legs, 8 legs or even a million! Let’s go on a bug hunt and enter the weird and wonderful of the insects. Can you catch a butterfly or make a home for a worm? We will teach you the skills to do it all!



Key Stage One Cornerstones Overview


Autumn 1

Memory box  

Can you remember being small? Being a baby and learning to crawl? Do you recall a favourite toy, maybe a teddy bear or a best loved book?

Autumn 2

Muck, Mess and Mixtures

We’re warning you; this is going to get messy! Can you describe different material? What happens when we combine different materials? Can you create your own colourful mixture.Let’s explore how colours and objects change when we combine them.

Spring 1

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

From pets at home to animals in the zoo, let's find out what animals like to eat and where they like to sleep.

Spring 2

Summer 1

Super heroes

Let’s put on our capes and discover our superpowers as we search for an answer to the question, ‘What is a superhero?’ We will explore our own super sense and learn about real life superheroes.

Summer 2

The Enchanted Woodland

If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise! Foxes and badgers, voles and mice, beady-eyed owls in the swaying tree tops. Deciduous or evergreen? What can you find? Can you match a leaf to its tree? Can you match a petal to its flower?



Lower Key Stage Two Cornerstones Overview


Autumn 1

Urban Pioneers

Explore with fresh eyes the art of the city, then capture a moment in time - perhaps a reflection on a building or a shadow passing by. How could you improve the urban environment?

Autumn 2

Traders and Raiders

Sail back to the Dark Ages, where battles were rife and fear reigned. Find out about the life of the Saxons, including how they lived and where they came from. Meet the bloodthirsty Vikings from Scandinavia - never before had such terror swept the land.

Spring 1


Discover the dangerous and ferocious world of natural disasters and glimpse their savage and deadly effects. Visit the ancient city of historic Pompeii, frozen in time, then create your own blistering explosions from model volcanoes that fire foamy lava.

Spring 1 and Summer 1


Pull on your wellies and wade right in... How deep does it go and how fast does it travel? What soil types can you find by the riverside? Which animals make their homes there?

Summer 2

I am Warrior!

I am warrior! I am strong, brave and powerful. Meet me in battle. Draw your sword, wield your axe and challenge me if you dare! Invade and attack, Romans verses the Celts, the fight is on...

Upper Key Stage Two Cornerstones Overview


Autumn 1

Scream Machine

Roll up, roll up! You're going on a day trip to a theme park to soak up the unique sights, smells and sounds of the fair. Learn about the science behind rollercoasters and design your own theme park.

Autumn 2

Frozen Kingdom

Welcome to the planet's coldest lands... Vast wilds, hostile territories, incredibly beautiful yet often deadly. Take shelter from the elements or fall prey to icy winds and deepest chill.

Spring 1

A Child's War

A siren sounds, a building crumbles, a spitfire zooms overhead. Take cover! It's 1939 and Britain is at war. Deep down in the Anderson shelter, learn why nations are fighting and why child evacuees must make the long journey from their homes and families into unknown territory.

Spring 1 and Summer 1

Peasant, Princes and Pestilence

Flee your fields, close your doors and pull up the drawbridge: the dreaded and deathly 'Great Pestilence' is here! Mount your steed and gallop through the dark and deadly world of 14th century Britain, sword and shield at the ready, pledging your allegiance to King and country.

Summer 2

Hola Mexico!

Get ready to explore this unique country, from its towering temples and stunning geography to its pulsing rhythms and fun-packed festivals. Discover the mysterious world of the ancient Maya civilisation.




Cornerstone Overview 2018-19