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David Shepherd foundation photos

Earlier this year, our Year 6 pupils took part in the Young Enterprise Fiver Challenge. The project gives pupils 1 month to set up a mini business and create a product or service to sell or deliver at a profit. We had 5 businesses across the class, including ‘The Milk Men’, ‘Pick, Stick n dip’ and ‘Bows, Bands& Bobby Pins’.

Pupils had 5 pound per head to invest with the main aim being to make a profit. Teams were able to re-invest profits over the week. They set up stalls at break time, dinner time and after school and also held stalls at our Summer Fayre.

Once all money was in and counted. Pupils give back the original investment plus a small donation to the company. The profit of £417.50 pence can be spent in any way the children deemed appropriate.

Year 6 wanted half the money to go to charity and decided to donate £210 to the Da-vid Shepherd Wildlife foundation. They first became aware of the Foundation when they entered the annual Global Canvas Art Competition in 2016. They were thrilled to reach the final and to see their art work exhibited in the National History Museum.

The Foundation is a wildlife charity and its aim is to increase awareness about the need to protect and conserve wild animals and their habitats and it was founded by wildlife artist David Shepherd CBE.

Jo Elphick, education manager from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation visited school to deliver wildlife themed workshops when the children presented her with the surprise cheque.