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Demonstrating Our Values


At Walsall Wood School, we value the diverse ethnic backgrounds of all pupils and families and respect these by ensuring our curriculum is broad and balanced with an international awareness.  We have found this approach to be enriching for all parties as it teaches appreciation for the similarities and differences in our community and the wider world. Underpinning this is a range of learning opportunities with strong links to the British Empire as well as thoughtful consideration of British Values.


Our children are proud of their school, their town and their country. We encourage this pride by celebrating important national events, such as, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, and her majesty's 90th birthday celebrations, where we all enjoyed a traditional tea party and took part in themed activities. At the end of each day, every child was presented with a commemorative coin to mark the occasion.


As a whole school, we enjoyed celebrating the Olympic Games by holding our own opening ceremony and learning about the history of our Olympians. Our Commonwealth Games day gave children the opportunity to study the history of these Games and the Commonwealth. The Rugby World Cup, hosted by England in September 2015, was also celebrated during a special themed fun day.


Our children appreciate the significant part Britain has played within historical events by taking part in topics such as 'Fallen Fields' (a whole school Centenary remembrance topic). Our Year 6 pupils developed a greater understanding of the significant role of local men and women in World War 1, when they took part in a special service at our parish church along with other local primary and secondary schools.


So that children gain a greater understanding of democracy, our School Mayor is voted into position each year following an election in which every child has a vote. This year, the School council have interviewed our local member of parliament and also been visited by Walsall Mayor. Every child understands that there is a fair system in school that allows their voice to be heard. It is this pupil feedback that has led to changes to the tuckshop and also influences where school trips are taken.


Because our behaviour system has clear and consistent expectations, pupils understand the rule of law and distinguish between right and wrong. The safety lessons within PSHE, and the training they undertake in Esafety, Bikeability and AStars, supports children to recognise the need for rules to keep themselves and others safe. Children take responsibilities for their actions and are very much a part of the restorative justice approach used at breaktimes. Playground Buddies lead happy and peaceful play alongside trained play leaders.


Throughout the year our children take part in a number of performances and talent shows and represent the school at sporting events in order to develop their individual liberty. Their talents are nurtured so that they grow in self esteem, self knowledge and self confidence. Anti-bullying has a high profile in school due to our annual whole school project; therefore, children understand their rights and responsibilities and value our zero tolerance approach. Freedom of speech is promoted; the texts studied in English allow children to debate points of views and express their opinions. We are currently working towards achieving the Unicef Rights Respecting Schools Award.


Respect and tolerance are considered to be the Walsall Wood Way and therefore these are high priorities. Because relationships between staff and pupils are so strong, adults hold honest, sensitive conversations with children that challenge stereotypes and tackle discrimination. Critical thinking skills are developed through the use of reflection time, wonder walls and daily 'thunks' that often raise philosophical questions for discussion. Our RE curriculum ensures that children understand their own and other cultures; while visits to places of worship and our annual international week promote positive views of individual differences. Our children have a positive impact on communities as they actively seek to raise funds for charities locally, nationally and internationally.