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Good to be Green behaviour system


Good to be Green is a behaviour monitoring system that rewards children who choose to behave well while identifying and targeting children who choose not to. It is a positive approach towards good discipline that runs throughout the school promoting high expectations



Every Friday every child will take part in Golden time for ten minutes. This is a special time where children will take part in a variety of creative activities including art, cooking, sport etc.

The great news is that over the course of the week, children can ‘earn’ themselves more Golden time (5mins per day). Therefore a child who chooses to be good all week will receive an extra twenty minutes. So, it really is Good to be Green!



At the end of each day a child who has behaved well will earn their green point for the day which is recorded in a log. Those points will be added up at the end of each term and children will ‘cash them in’ for prizes. WHAT DO POINTS MAKE??????


Because we know that children love to be rewarded for making good choices, teachers use praise points, stickers. MarvellousMe and verbal praise to congratulate children for good behaviour and good work alongside G2BG.



A child who remains green every day, all term will receive a Gold certificate for being 100% Green and will receive a Gold Prize. Silver prizes can be earned if a child hasn't managed to attain green but still have an excellent behaviour record. Bronze prizes are available to those who haven't met the high threshold for Silver but still deserve a reward. No prize at all is given to a child who does not meet the high expectations of bronze.  Children at risk of not attaining a prize will already have been identified and supported and parents would know if this was the case for their child.



Any inappropriate behaviour will result with the class teacher giving a verbal warning. This warning will encourage the child to stop what they are doing and reflect on how they can improve it. After two verbal warnings, the teacher will issue a ‘yellow card’. This is kept in the child’s file for that week with a note of why it was issued.


If 3 yellow cards are issued to one child in one week then we consider this to be very worrying and therefore a letter will be sent home to parents. Alternatively, if a child’s behaviour is so serious that it is considered extreme then a child may receive a ‘red card’ (even if they have no yellows) and again, parents will receive a letter.


A child with a yellow card at the end of the day will not have earned their Good to be Green point and their 5 minutes bonus Golden time. However if a child works hard to rectify their behaviour that day they can be taken off a yellow card and earn their rewards along with the other children.


Every child starts each new day on a green card so that they understand that each new day brings new opportunities.



Encouraging excellent behaviour is a priority for our school but of course we need parental support to ensure that children understand the system and want to behave well at school and at home.

Every child deserves the chance to be noticed for ‘being good’ and every child deserves the chance to be shown that good things happen when they choose to be ‘good’.