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School Closure Information

On Monday 23rd March school will be closed for the majority of pupils until further notice. However, the Prime Minister has requested that school remains open to those children for whom both parents are key workers and for children who are considered vulnerable pupils. 


We are still awaiting a definitive list from the government but our understanding is that 'key workers' include:

  • Social workers
  • NHS employees
  • Emergency services employees
  • Delivery drivers

Our understanding of 'vulnerable' children is those children who have:

  • An EHCP
  • An allocated social worker 

I should stress that as parents you do not have to send your child if they have an EHCP, you may choose to keep them at home. Guidance states that elderly parents/grandparents should be discouraged from caring for children during this period. 


I ask that, by return of email,  you let school know if you wish your child to attend on Monday because they fit into one of the two categories above. We will need to know by 9am on Friday 20th March, so that we can make provision for them. If we do not hear from you, we will presume that adequate care has been put in place for your child/ren. 


Please be aware that even children who qualify to stay in school can only do so if they are: 1) not showing any symptoms of the virus and 2) not living in a household with anyone showing symptoms of the virus. 


Further information about how to access work for your child will be sent at a later time. 


Thank you again for your support and understanding during this difficult time. 


Best Wishes 

Mrs Garratt