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School Uniform

It is our school policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, representing the school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours.


We believe that school uniform:

promotes a sense of pride in the school;

engenders a sense of community and belonging towards the school;

is practical and smart;

identifies the children with the school;

prevents children from coming to school in fashion clothes that could be distracting in class;

makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance;

is regarded as suitable wear for school and good value for money by most parents;

is designed with health and safety in mind.


Our uniform consists of:

Red sweatshirt or cardigan embroidered with the school badge;

grey trousers or skirt;

white shirt;


Children in Year 6 should wear the school tie (provided free of charge) and a V neck jumper.


Summer wear – girls may wear red/white check summer dresses and boys may wear grey shorts.



On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school. The only exception to this rule is studs in pierced ears. Children are asked to either remove them or cover them with a plaster (provided by the parent), during PE to prevent injury.



We require all children to wear black shoes, no trainers, no heels. Open toed sandals are not advisable as feet could be easily injured at play or due to falling resources in the classroom. 


Hair accessories/hairstyles:

Hair accessories should be kept to a minimum. Although bobbles, hairbands, ribbons and bows are acceptable, hats and bandanas will not be allowed. Children’s hair should be neat and tidy and any styles which draw unnecessary attention, whether due to colour or shaving, will be strongly discouraged.



At Walsall Wood school we understand the importance of preparing children for their move to secondary school. As all of our local secondary schools take the matter of school uniform very seriously, we feel that by placing importance on having a school uniform, we are helping to prepare children for future experiences. 



If any parent would like the school to modify the uniform policy, they should make representation, in the first instance, to the head teacher. The school welcomes children from all backgrounds and faith communities. If there are serious reasons, for example on religious grounds, why parents want their child to wear clothes that differ from the school uniform, the school will look sympathetically at such requests.


Roles and Responsibilities: 

We ask all parents to support the school uniform policy. We believe that parents have a duty to send their children to school correctly dressed and ready for their daily schoolwork. We also ask that uniform is clean and in good repair.


The governing body of the school decides on the uniform policy or dress code, and it is the head teacher’s responsibility to make sure pupils keep to the rules.


Class teachers have responsibility for notifying the Head teacher when a child persistently wears the incorrect uniform. The Head teacher may then speak directly to the child and/or parent. A standard letter can be sent to the parent if the issue is not resolved. Following this the Head teacher will write directly to the parent to request that school policy is followed.


If the issue remains unresolved the head teacher will then seek advice from the school’s governing body.


Any complaints about the uniform policy or dress code should follow the school’s complaints policy.