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Assessment at Walsall Wood  

At Walsall Wood we use a system of tracking attainment and progress in Writing, Reading and Maths called Stages. The Stages are a progressive ladder, which allows us as a school to identify where each individual pupil is working at. The objectives, that pupils work towards achieving,  are matched to the new curriculum, with year group expectations being divided into three stages.



We track the pupils based upon the Stage that they are working within and how these relate to our end of year expectations which are as follows:

Year Group








End of year Expected Stage

Stage 3

Stage 6

Stage 9

Stage 12

Stage 15

Stage 18

Stage 21


The pupil’s individual Stage is located in the front of their book and the age related Stage is located in the back of the book. This is to ensure that children are exposed to age related learning objectives as well as being able to work on their own personal targets. Teachers, pupils and parents know that the child is working below, within or above expectations as well as what they need to do next to improve.



We expect the children to make three Stages progress throughout the year, most likely this will be one Stage per term. However if a pupil does not move a Stage in a term, progress can still be measured using points within that Stage. For instance, if there are 20 points in a stage, a child may not achieve all 20 and therefore the stage,  but they may achieve 18 points.


Although teachers use AFL to assess the pupils informally daily, pupil progress is monitored more formally during interim assessment weeks (mid term) and during full assessment weeks (at the end of each term).  This information is then used to identify groups of children who require additional support so that they can receive targeted intervention.