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School Council

We have a very active school council at Walsall Wood School who have a number of responsibilities which include:

  • Acting as big brother or sister to young pupils by being approachable and a role model;
  • Collating the views of the children in their designated class and ensuring their voices are heard by senior leaders and the Head;
  • Seeking opinions on particular whole school issues and filtering back to children any decisions that are made;
  • Actively bringing about positive change through consultation with key stakeholders such as senior leaders, school governors and beyond;
  • Representing the school to their best of their ability.


They meet weekly to discuss issues and hold weekly class council meetings or whole school assemblies to feedback information or acquire pupil views.


Throughout the year the council carry out pupil surveys, the results of which are fed back to Governors and pupils to celebrate successes that are highlighted by the pupils as well as address any improvements that the pupils may raise.


The school council closely link with our PHSE curriculum and organise a number of events relating to citizenship, including:

  • Preparing and delivering assemblies promoting the school ethos, and ways to feel/stay safe in & around school;
  • Attending the Anti-bullying conference and feeding back the messages to all pupils;
  • Leading on whole school initiatives such as Anti-bullying Week and organising a Community Day.

Staff Representative

Ryan Roberts


School Mayor

Kyle Tranter


Council Members

Reception Representative – Sky Lawton

Y1 Representative – Sarah Bissaker

Y2 Representative – Milayna Gosling

Y3 Representative – Sophie Jarvis

Y4 Representative – Lucy Heeley

Y5 Representative – Daniel White

Y6 Representative  - Victoria Hughes

Meeting the Walsall Mayor