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Purple Mash


Purplemash is 2Simple’s creative online space for primary school teachers and learners. Purple Mash includes:

  1. Creative Tools – 2Paint, 2Publish, 2Design&Make, 2Publish Extra, 2Go, 2Graph, 2Count, 2Animate,2Sequence, Logo, 2Investigate, 2DIY 3D
  2. Writing / Publish Projects (over 300 of these) – including leaflets, postcards
  3. Paint Projects (over 70)
  4. Mashcams
  5. 2Type, Simple City, Maths Games 1
  6. An online saving area per pupil

Each child has their own log on for the purple mash website. If your child has lost their log on please see your child’s class teacher.

Please click on the link  to access purple mash.