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Radio Station

We have our very own radio station at Walsall Wood!

Because we understand the importance of widening our children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences, we use a radio station to expose them to a wide range of music genres.


Each week pupils listen to a selected artist/band/musician at lunchtime through our radio station. The music is piped into the school hall and onto the playground. Class teachers explain to children who the artist is and from which time period it comes. Then in our celebration assembly we discuss what the children thought of the music.


We find that this is a great way of introducing new types of music to children. This half term they have developed a love of musical theatre as they have appreciated soundtracks from the likes of The lion King, Wicked, Cats etc. Next half term they'll be introduced to some of Motown's most memorable artists.


Selected pupils from Year 6 become radio DJs each year (as one their roles and responsibilities). They introduce tracks and share interesting facts about the chosen music.