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Children's University is a wider opportunities programme for children in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two that is designed to engage children in a range of quality, fun, learning experiences that take place after school.

Sessions are provided that inspire and excite the children such as sporting, musical and creative clubs. Often there are activities that children would otherwise not experience, such as flower arranging, card making, design animation and many more, using a wide range of equipment and often led by specialist teachers.


There is usually no cost to the pupil as most classes are run voluntarily by teachers. However, there may be a small charge when an external provider runs a club.


The really exciting aspect of the initiative is that when children have completed a course of after school learning, they earn a stamp for their ‘passport’. As they earn stamps, they work towards achieving a ‘University style’ award, such as a diploma.


Within Walsall and Birmingham there are ‘learning destinations’ that children can visit with their families and receive a CU stamp, these include the Art galleries and the Thinktank museum.

Eventually when children have reached the milestones set, they graduate in a special ceremony attended by their parents where they wear caps and gowns and there is a  presentation of awards.


Children’s University helps children to become independent, responsible, self motivated learners with a love of lifelong learning!