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Science is an exciting and purposeful way of applying many of the key skills learnt in English and Maths, while developing a clear understanding of new scientific concepts. Using objectives taken from the National Curriculum, staff plan engaging and investigative lessons for the children. Up-to-date resources, outdoor sessions and trips mean we are able to provide children with exciting first hand experiences to enhance their understanding of the world. Children are taught how to work both independently and collaboratively, gaining essential life-long skills.


‘Working Scientifically’ is taught alongside each topic throughout the school which equips children of all ages with the ability to question, predict, investigate, analyse and record findings in different ways. A range of computer technology is used to support the learning of Science at Walsall Wood.


During the Spring Term each year, we celebrate British Science Week with all children taking part in experiments, and being given the opportunity to take part in a Science competition. We liaise closely with our local secondary school, Shire Oak Academy, to enhance learning and take advantage of their Science specialism.

Science Policy and Subject Coverage: