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Good News!

Our school has been awarded the afPE Quality Mark for Physical Education 2019 - 2021. This award recognises the quality of our provision for PE, School sport and Physical activity. 




Our high quality PE curriculum offers a wide variety of activities both within and beyond the school day.  Children learn that being active is fun and an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.


During Foundation stage & Key Stage 1 pupils build on their natural enthusiasm for movement, using it to explore and learn about their world. They start to work and play with other pupils in pairs and small groups. By watching, listening and experimenting, they develop their skills in movement and coordination, and enjoy expressing and testing themselves in a variety of situations.


During Key Stage 2 pupils enjoy being active and using their creativity and imagination in physical activity. They learn new skills, find out how to use them in different ways, and link them to make actions, phrases and sequences of movement. They enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other. They develop an understanding of how to succeed in different activities and learn how to evaluate and recognise their own success.


Swimming is a compulsory part of the national curriculum for Key Stage Two children.

By the end of Year 6,  all pupils should be able to swim unaided for a distance of at least 25 metres, using recognised strokes, on their front and back. They should also demonstrate an understanding of water safety.


Because we recognise that swimming is a vital life skill and we understand that having canals in the local area can pose a risk to our children, we provide swimming lessons to children in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Every child completes a 6 - 8 week swimming programme, annually.

 60 Active minutes daily

We love to be active! We start every day with a whole school workout. Check out our Wake and Shake videos under the 'Children' tab. 


Play times and lunch times are another great opportunity to get active. On our zoned playground, everyone has the opportunity to do something active and our Play Leaders and trained lunchtime supervisors are there to offer a helping hand too. 


PE Timetable - Autumn 1


Nursery - Thursday and Friday

Reception - Thursday and Friday

Year 1 - Monday and Wednesday

Year 2 - Monday and Tuesday

Year 3 - Monday and Wednesday

Year 4 - Monday and Wednesday

Year 5 - Tuesday and Thursday

Year 6 - Tuesday (Swimming) and Thursday