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Welcome to the Early Years!

Nursery Teacher: Mrs Sian Perkins

Nursery Teaching Assistant: Mrs Alison Sault

Reception Teacher: Mrs Lizzie Bailey

Reception Teaching Assistant: Mrs Elaine Jones

Learning Support: Mrs Kerry Baker


Spring Term


This half term our topic will be about Buildings. We will be exploring different types of buildings, what are the best materials to use and finding out all about our own houses and buildings around the world !


Meet Steve!!

We had a visit from a real builder who taught us about his job roles and the different types of tools that he uses.

Steve the builder!


Experimenting with materials.

We ‘huffed and puffed’ using fans and tested which materials were the strongest.

You can listen to the story of the ‘three little pigs’ by following this link

Have fun creating and constructing your own different types of buildings.


Chinese New Year celebrations

We are going to be learning how to do some traditional dragon dancing as part of our Chinese New Year topic.

You can find out more by visiting


Also this Spring, the children will be immersing themselves in stories as part of our ‘tell us a story’ topic.

What is your favourite story and why?


Mrs Bailey’s favourite story is ‘ Squash and Squeeze’ by Julia Donaldson. I love this story because it makes me giggle when the animals cause chaos in the house.


Mrs Perkins’ favourite story is ‘ Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy. I love this story because I used to read it to my little boy every night.


Use your child’s purple mash log in to make up your own story with a family member at home. Using 2 create a story in the tools section of purple mash.

Autumn term


Nursery- Why do you love me so much? Why do leaves go crispy?

Visit: for fun family activities to do together at home. Explore your likes and dislikes, create a self portrait or make your own family tree. 


Reception- Why can't I eat chocolate for breakfast?

Why do leaves go crispy?

We are finding out about our senses, healthy food and how our body changes.

Visit: to hear the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. Can you make the voices of the different characters?

Listen to: move like the skeletons in the song. Can you name your bones? What happens to your heartbeat when you're exercising?


Chayten balancing on logs September 2019

Muddy Mondays:

Our Muddy sessions focus on developing the children physical skills. we explore how to move around the forest and also the animals that live in our forest. Children observe the effects the Autumn and Winter seasons have on our forest area.


Homework Story Sacks Story Sacks will be sent home every FRIDAY and must be returned every TUESDAY. Each sack includes a task sheet to choose from, key words, a story book and resources to support as well as your child’s individual homework recording books.

1000 stories 

 We will begin our 1000 stories initiative from Monday 16th September.

 How the 1000 Stories Scheme works for parents?

  •  Choose a book to take home each day. A book trolley will be available for parents to swap books at the end or start of each session.
  •  An adult shares the story using the Talking Tips bookmark. See attached
  •  Child retells the story using their story bookmark. This will be attached to our book trolley.
  • We will be placing our book trolley full of a range of books for the children to choose from every morning and after school every day.
  • The child collects a stamp at school for each book and receives a certificate of completion each 6 weeks.

Join us every week for our Story Cafés.

Reception story café is every Wednesday at 2:35pm.

Nursery story café is every Monday at 3:00pm.

This is a time for you to join us to share a story with your child or listen to one with your child as a class. Any family is welcome to attend these café sessions J


Number formation pictures!