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Key Stage 1

Welcome to Key Stage One

Year 1 teacher: Miss Debbie Darby

Year 1 teaching assistant: Mrs Julie Cox

Year 2 teacher: Miss Amy Callaghan

Year 2 teaching assistant: Mrs Fina Bongiovi


We are your teachers in year 1 and 2.
We hope you are going to have a fun filled year learning lots of new and exciting things.
You can use this page to make the next step in your learning, by using the links in the subject boxes.

Spring 1

Cornerstones Topic....

Our topic this term is all about animals. We will be learning about where the animals live and their habitats as well as being very creative with art, making sculptures of animals and looking at their patterns.


Entry Point!

The Animal Lady...

During this visit we met lots of exciting animals and creatures, we also learned lots of interesting facts about them.


One of the animals we met had a special talent.

It's tail will fall off when a predator bites it and then the tail will grow again after 2 weeks.

Can you guess which animal that was?


Was it...

  1. A Giant African Cockroach

    2. A Tortoise

    3. A Leopard Gecko

Get creative

When the animal lady visited us, we met a lovely hedgehog called Horace.

We discovered they were an endangered species and that we can actually do a lot to help save them.

Hedgehogs love to eat cat food and need somewhere safe and warm to sleep during the day.

Watch this video on how to make a Home for a hedgehog just like Horace.





We want you to focus on learning and recalling your times tables. You can do this by playing on TTRockstars.

Click on this link to take you straight to it.

TTRockstars homework is set every Friday and needs to be completed by the following Wednesday.




In Yr 1 this term we are looking at traditional tales such as; Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Three Billy Goats Gruff.
We have also been reading books that relate to our topic 'Paws Claws and Whiskers'.
We have read The Tiger Who Came To Tea and learned a song with Makaton signs.  
Why not show your family?


In Yr 2 this term we are focussing on alternative tales such as; Maximus and the Beanstalk, Red Riding Hood, Twist in the Tales and The True story of The Three Little Pigs.

Click the link to listen to The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.



Cornerstones Curriculum Overview - Aut 1

Our topic this term is Memory Box.
We will be looking into the past and creating some new memories.

Local History will be a focus within the lessons.

There will also be Art and D&T opportunities throughout Cornerstones, as we will be creating our own memory boxes.

Can you guess who these teachers are?
Do you recognise this sculpture?


In maths this term we have been looking at number and place value.


In KS1 we have been looking at and reading some traditional tales. We are also focussing on the Red words within phonics as we really need to know these.

Cornerstones Curriculum Overview - Aut 2

Our topic this term is Muck, Mess and Mixtures.
Let's get messy!
Muck and mess is good!
In fact it's mega marvellous!


Slime Recipe!

Rainbow colour experiment! Try this at home!

Click the link for full instructions...

Fun fact
Did you know?

Samsam Bubbleman (real name Sam Heath) is the creator of the world's largest free floating soap bubble, but he keeps his recipe a secret. He says, "With the right stuff, you can make big bubbles with anything - a coat hanger or even just your hands." You could try this at home!