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Key Stage 1

Welcome to Key Stage One

Year 1 teacher: Mrs Amanda Williams

Year 1 teaching assistant: Mrs Julie Cox

Year 2 teacher: Mrs Lydia Farnell

Year 2 teaching assistants: Mrs Fina Bongiovi


In Key Stage One the team work closely together to provide exciting learning opportunities to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum. Parental support is valued and every opportunity is taken to involve families in their child’s learning journey. We enable the children to become confident, resilient learners who can work independently and collaboratively to achieve their goals. During Key Stage One the children are encouraged to manage their own learning by recognising the next steps they need to take in order to make progress.


Our half termly newsletters keep parents and carers up-to-date with the latest curriculum information.

Cornerstones Curriculum Overview


Autumn 1

Rio de Vida

Come join the party down in Rio, keeping the rhythm with your party shaker! Bright colours, patterns and feathers...Can you make a headdress or party mask?

Autumn 2

Splendid Skies

Imagine floating high above land and sea on a bed of clouds, silently sweeping by on a billowing breeze. What weather do you prefer? Sunshine, snow, storms or showers? Get your wellingtons on - let's go!


Bright Lights, Big City

What do you know about England's capital city? Let's find out all about London, including its history, transport and famous landmarks. 

Spring 2

Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Meet Rapunzel who lives in a tall, tall tower. Let's build a brand new one....whose the tallest? Can you measure it? Then dig deep, deep down making burrows and tunnels, just like the animals who live underground. 


Land Ahoy

Get your sea legs on, it's time to sail the salty seas. Navigate, investigate and explore the world - just like Captain Cook. Make a boat, sink a ship, fly a pirate flag!