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Design Technology

At Walsall Wood, children have the opportunity to create exciting projects throughout their school journey. Each year group will have three different topics of Design and Technology and here they will spend a week fully immersed in the topic. The children will have chance to experience the many different areas of DT including combining materials, mechanics, textiles and food technology. These will provide the children with real life problems and they will have the opportunities to work creatively to solve them.


Across both Key Stage 1 and 2, the children will focus on four key areas which will remain consistent throughout the school. This allows them to make links to their previous knowledge while building on their new skills as they progress through each year. These four areas are: Design, Make, Evaluate and Technical Knowledge.


Following our Prepare, Practise, Perform ethos, at the end of each topic, the children will have the opportunity to ‘Perform’ their learning by demonstrating the range of skills they have learnt over the course of the unit. These will be in fun, exciting activities, which allow the children to show off what they now know.

Design and Technology Policy and Subject Coverage