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Upper Key Stage 2

Welcome to Upper Key Stage Two




Year 5 teacher: Mr Adam Thomson

Year 5 teaching assistant: Mrs Tapper

Year 6 teacher:  Miss Becky Macey and Mr Chris Hearsey

Year 6 teaching assistant: Mrs Scott


Welcome to our Year 5 and Year 6 class page...


The Year 5 and 6 staff will be adding content to this page for you to enjoy throughout the year that will link to the subjects we are covering. We hope you have lots of fun exploring our page. 


A28 - I have the right to an education.

A29 - My education helps me to develop my personality, talents and abilities. 

A31 - I have the right to rest, relax, play and take part in cultural activities. 



As you know, by the time you leave Year 4 you should know all of your times tables up to 12x12.

Please keep on practising on Times Tables Rock Stars to increase your fluency and instant recall.


Challenge any of the Year 5 or 6 teachers to see if you can beat them! MME for anyone who beats the teacher!


       Mr Thomson                      Miss Macey




Year 5 and 6 top rockers:

Which top rockers will lead the leader board this half term?

Year 5                       Year 6

                               1. Marc La Rock (LD)                  1. Mat Kannberg (LM)

                               2. K. C. (CT)                               2. Ike Doyle (RB)

                               3. Brock Rockdust (BK)              3. Meg Riley (KP)



Year 5 Class Read: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis 



Year 5 Spring 1: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis

Year 5 Spring 2: Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo





Year 6 Class Read: The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien





Year 6 Spring 1 book: The Eye of the Wold by Daniel Pennac

Year 6 Spring 2: Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly and Little Leaders by Vashti Harrison




A great way to practise your spellings is by using our spelling learning platform: Spelling Shed. This allows you to practise your spellings in a fun and engaging way.


Click on the link below and start earning points!

Afternoons in Year 5


Spring 1

This half term, we are learning about:

Computing - Coding Champions

Science - Isaac Newton

Geography - UK: Economy and Trade

Art - Antony Gormley

French - Body Parts



Spring 2

This half term, we are learning about:

History - Anglo-Saxons and Scots

DT - Anglo-Saxon Tunics

Science - Feel the Force

RE - Opening Up Easter

French - Calendar Months


Fun activities linked to our afternoon lessons this half term:



Have a go at the 2do task that has been set as a home task on your Purple Mash...

Can you create a code which shows the fastest snail?

Purple Mash by 2Simple




Using our learning from our current Science topic, and watching the video below...

Science KS2: Discovering the work of Sir Isaac Newton - BBC Teach

Correctly write five facts about the life and work of Isaac Newton.

If you complete the task, let Mr Thomson know and be rewarded with a MME!




Have a go at solving the word search all to do with the economy and trade within UK and Europe.




Using our learning from our current Art topic, can you use items and materials found around the home to create some installation art in the style of Anthony Gormley.





Below is a wonderful link all about the Anglo Saxons. 

Anglo-Saxons - KS2 History - BBC Bitesize

Here, you can watch videos, play interactive activities and complete quizzes. All of this will help prepare you for your learning across this topic. 

Can you write five favourite facts? Bring it into class to receive a MME and praise points.




This topic, we will have the chance to become Anglo-Saxon fashion designers. Use the template provided to create some designs.



Below, is a link that will support with our latest Science topic, Forces.

BBC Bitesize - Forces 

After watching the video and completing the forces arrow task, test yourself with the online quiz. Correctly answer all four questions about your forces knowledge.

If you complete the task, let Mr Thomson know and be rewarded with a MME!



Create an acrostic poem using the words 'Commitment'.

Follow the tutorial to create your own resurrection garden: Tutorial

Afternoons in Year 6


Spring 1

This half term, we are learning about:

Music - Jazz

Science - Marie Maynard Daly

History - The Changing Power of the Monarchs

DT - Castles

French - Where I Live


Spring 2

This half term, we are learning about:

Geography - Arctic and Antarctic Study

Art - Inuit Carvings

Science - Light Up Your World

RE - What Matters Most?

French - Shopping


Fun activities linked to our afternoon lessons this half term:




In this half term, we will be looking at the genre of jazz music. Listen to a range of famous jazz songs and learn about famous jazz artists in the video link... 

Watch Here




This unit enables pupils to explore and investigate the life of an American scientist, Marie Maynard Daly. 

Below tackle this fun and exciting Kahoot on Daly's life. How will you score out of 10?

Marie Maynard Daly Quiz

If you complete the task, let Miss Macey know and be rewarded with a MME!




There have been so many monarchs in British history since 1066. Use your learning from this topic to see if you can learn all the words to the Horrible Histories Monarchs song! 

 Horrible Histories Monarchs Song





In this half term, we will be looking at using our knowledge of structures and mechanisms to create our own castle with moving parts. Use Purple Mash to design your own castle.

See the pictures for inspiration.





In this topic, we will learn about the two polar regions: The Arctic and the Antarctic.

Use the video to complete the Venn Diagram to compare the two areas.

Watch here.




In this topic, we will look at the traditional Inuit carvings and have a go at making some of our own out of clay and soap.

Use various modelling materials you may have at home such as playdough to create your own sculpture. 

Bring it back to Miss Macey for a MME!




In this topic, we will be looking at how we are able to use light in order to see. Use the BBC Bitesize link to watch the videos and complete the activities and quiz!




Watch the video about Humanism and find some similarities with the knowledge you already have on Christianity?

What is Humanism? - BBC Bitesize