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Upper Key Stage 2

Welcome to Upper Key Stage Two




Year 5 teacher: Mr Adam Thomson

Year 5 teaching assistant: Miss Vikki Lane & Mrs Jaki Portsmouth

Year 6 teacher:  Mr Chris Hearsey

Year 6 teaching assistant: Mrs Scott


Welcome to our Year 5 and Year 6 class page...


The Year 5 and 6 staff will be adding content to this page for you to enjoy throughout the year that will link to the subjects we are covering. We hope you have lots of fun exploring our page. 



As you know, by the time you leave Year 4 you should know all of your times tables up to 12x12.

Please keep on practising on Times Tables Rock Stars to increase your fluency and instant recall.


Challenge any of the Year 5 or 6 teachers to see if you can beat them! MME for anyone who beats the teacher!


       Mr Thomson                      Mr Hearsey




Y5 and 6 top rockers:

1.Tyler Idan (Y5 - I EL)

2.Jah McPhillimy-Lovelock (Y6 - EC)

3. Roxy Palace (Y6 - CLP)                       

4. Royal Hart (Y6 - HP)             

5. Royal Hart  (Y6 - FT)     

6. Milkshake Ocasek (Y6 - SV)


Year 5 Class Read: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis 




Year 5 Summer 1: Boy at the Back of the class by  Onjali Rauf   

Year 5 Summer 2: Oranges in No Man’s Land by Elizabeth Laird 



Year 6 Class Read: The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien



Year 6 Summer 1 non-fiction (fantasy): The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien

Year 6 Summer 2 non-fiction (historical):The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne








A great way to practise your spellings is by using our spelling learning platform: Spelling Shed. This allows you to practise your spellings in a fun and engaging way.


Click on the link below and start earning points!


Y5's spelling rules for Summer Term 1:

Words with silent letters

doubt, island, lamb, solemn, thistle, knight

Homophones (see list below)






Y5's spellings for Summer Term 1:

ancient, convenience, embarrass, familiar, language, muscle, physical, queue, rhyme, shoulder, language


Y5's spelling rules for Summer Term 2:

Words ending in –able/-ably and -ible/-ibly

adorable/adorably (adoration), applicable/applicably (application), considerable/considerably (consideration), tolerable/tolerably (toleration)


changeable, noticeable, forcible, legible


dependable, comfortable, understandable, reasonable, enjoyable, reliable


possible/possibly, horrible/horribly, terrible/terribly, visible/visibly, incredible/incredibly, sensible/sensibly


Y5's spellings for Summer Term 2:

amateur, available, controversy, disastrous, harass, individual, neighbour, profession, rhythm, system, received


Y6's spelling rules for Summer Term 1:

Y6's spellings for Spring Term 1:


-Prefixes (UN, DIS and MIS all have negative meanings)

see Edshed for full list 

appreciate, bruise, committee, criticise (critic+ise), environment, foreign, occupy, parliament, signature, thorough


Y6's spelling rules for Summer Term 2:


-Prefixes (UN, DIS and MIS all have negative meanings)

see Edshed for full list 

Y6's spellings for Spring Term 2:

accommodate, conscious, exaggerate, existence, hindrance, prejudice, pronunciation, secretary, vehicle, yacht


Year 5


SUM: Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Practise your singing here –




Year 6


SUM: The music of Carole King  



Listen to a range of Carole Kingf songs and learn about our artist in the video links here... 



Year 5 - Summer 1 - Earth and Beyond



Using the learning from our current Science topic, and watching the video, can you complete Activity 1 on the link below by finding where day and night is?

Day and night - BBC Bitesize 


Correctly complete the task and if you do complete the task, let Mr Thomson know and be rewarded with a MME!


Challenge: Complete Activity 2 and 3 for extra praise points :) 


Year 5 - Summer 2 - Plant Reproduction 



How do flowering plants reproduce? - BBC Bitesize


Using this website to support you, can you label the different parts of the plant?


Bring in your OWN annotated image of a flower with all of the parts labelled. If you complete the task, Mr Thomson will reward you with a MME!




Year 6 - Summer 1 - Everything Changes





Using our learning from our current Science topic, can you complete the short game on this page and complete the related quiz?


How are fossils made? - BBC Bitesize


Fill in the gaps to make the statements correct and complete the 5 question check it quiz. If you complete the task, let Mr Hearsey know and be rewarded with a MME! 



Y5 History - Summer 2 - The Romans


Below you will find a wonderful link all about The Romans


Ancient Roman History for Kids - Fun Facts to Learn 


Can you make a timeline of The Romans ?

Bring it into class to receive a MME and praise points.


Roman Numerals

Roman numerals are the symbols used in a system of numerical notation based on the ancient Roman system.

Using your knowledge from Maths can you write your date of birth using Roman numerals? Bring it into class and we will display these on our working board 

Here's mine...





Y5 - The Romans - D&T Textiles 



Roman Chariots 

Check out an example of our mechanisms work linked to our Roman's Topic...


Here's an example of ??'s Roman Chariot... 

Ancient Egyptians Y6 History - Ancient Egyptians 

Below is a wonderful link all about the Ancient Egyptians. 

Ancient Egypt - KS2 History - BBC Bitesize


Here, you can watch videos, play interactive activities and complete 'Perform' quizzes. All of this will help prepare you for your learning across this topic. 


Can you write five favourite facts?

Bring it into class to receive a MME and praise points.


Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs 

Egyptian hieroglyphs  were the formal writing system used in Ancient Egypt, used for writing the Egyptian language. 


Below is a sheet of the runes. 


Can you write your name?

Or, a secret message to share with the class? 

Bring it into class to receive a MME and praise points.



Y6 - Structures - Art & Design  


Take a look at our Art and Design work linked to this topic... 



We created Death Masks and Canopic jars. We used mod roc to create our masks - similar to how Ancient Egyptians used cartonnage (a material made out of linen or papyrus that had been soaked in plaster). To create our jar lids, we made wire armatures. In both cases we finished the items using painting and/or glazing.

Egyptian hieroglyphics

Other afternoon lessons in Year 5:

This half term, we are learning about:

RE - Muslims and Christians: Who is inspiring?


We have been looking at inspirational figures and how important their beliefs are.

We also looked at how they are guided to be inspirational by their religion.


Take a look at the website below to learn more about Malala’s story

Malala's Story | Malala Fund 


Computing - Algorithms 


Have a go at the 2do task that has been set as a home task on your Purple Mash...

Purple Mash by 2Simple


Can you create a 3D model building that links to our RE?

Computing – Coding Champions


Have a go at the 2Do that has been set as a home task.

Can you create a code which shows the fastest snail?

Other afternoon lessons in Year 6:

This half term, we are learning about:


RE - Spiritual ideas through Art 


Using your learning, create an acrostic poem using the word



Find some examples below...



Computing - Technology experts