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Sheriff pledge

'I promise to do the best I can to help my school to understand the travel choices we should choose, for journeys to and from school and how we can educate to make sure that we travel safely. A*STARS sheriff is my role and together we will achieve our goal!'


You can also check out the A*STARS website for any updates and to see how the school is performing compared to others in Walsall. 


A*STARS Sheriffs.


Each year, our Year 4 children apply to be an A*STARS Sheriffs.

Their role is to help us all learn more about staying active, traveling safely and finding more sustainable forms of transport to attend school.


They will be running competitions, presenting assemblies and helping out with Bikeability and other exciting projects across the school.


This year's A*STARS Sheriffs are:






Design a Road Safety character - Winners 2019