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Geography enables children to make sense of the world and reflect upon the impact they have on it. It is an enquiry led subject that seeks answers to fundamental questions. At Walsall Wood, we provide a curriculum that supports pupils to develop their understanding of their local area compared to the wider world, ask and answer questions and understand how the world is ever growing and changing. We plan exciting trips to the local area and workshops from visitors to support children in developing their fieldwork skills and Geographical knowledge.


Pupils carry out geographical enquiries inside and outside of the classroom. In doing this, they ask geographical questions, and use geographical skills and resources, such as maps, atlases, aerial photographs and ICT. Children will develop their enquiry skills by asking questions, collecting and recording information and identifying different views. They will acquire the appropriate practical skills associated with Geography, including using suitable vocabulary and fieldwork techniques. Pupils will use secondary sources of information with accuracy, including aerial photographs and satellite images.


As well as making its own distinctive contribution to the school curriculum, geography contributes to the wider aims of primary education. Teachers ensure that cross curriculum links between subjects are maximized.


Pupils learn using our ‘Prepare, Practise and Perform’ ethos, which allows them to continually revisit and build on previous Geographical skills throughout each topic and apply their new learning.