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Digital Leaders

Meet the Digital Leaders!


Our digital leaders are a collection of Key Stage 2 pupils and teachers that work together to help educate peers about online safety. Their duties include:

  • Supporting their peers to keep safe online; 
  • Team teaching with staff to educate others about online safety; 
  • Leading internet safety days and keeping pupils up-to-date with support online; 
  • Supporting parents and raising awareness of online safety. 

Our digital leaders are committed to making sure the children at Walsall Wood are excellent digital citizens. 


Please click on the link  to complete our short parent survey. All responses will help us plan for future Parent workshops led by the digital leaders. 


Digital Leaders

Gaming Parent Workshop

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Digital leaders created an online parent workshop focussed on gaming. The pupils shared the benefits, potential risks and ways to reduce these.

Internet Safety Day

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Digital leaders led our school's internet safety day on Tuesday 8th February. Pupils put together a digital assembly and led workshops in their classes. They also launched a Safety Day competition led by Walsall Council. Walsall Wood was lucky enough to win the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 overall winners. Nicola Rudge from Walsall Council presented us with our prizes.

Whole School Assembly

Digital leaders completed surveys with pupils across Key Stage 1 and 2. After analysing the surveys, the pupils felt the children needed support from the Digital Leaders to be safe when gaming. This also linked to our parent workshop. The leaders led a whole school assembly to educate the children on ways to stay safe.