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Celebration Assembly

Each Friday parents and carers are invited to join us for a special Celebration assembly.


During this assembly a pupil from each year group is selected as the class teacher's pupil of the week. Everyone hears what that child has done to make their teacher so proud. Often examples of work are shared with the school.


As well as this, sporting achievements are rewarded and the best attendance and best behaved class at lunchtime awards are presented to the winning classes. A Head teacher's Superstar is selected for something wonderful and children share their out of school  achievements.


We also celebrate the children's birthdays with a singsong and take a close look at who has been earning all of the praise points that week. Team captains of the winning team have the honour of lifting the trophy on high!


Parents are notified if their child has been selected as pupil of week so that they can hopefully join us for this uplifting assembly.