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Curriculum Aims

We believe that the curriculum should be broad and balanced; stimulating and fun, in order to engage and enthuse our children. Knowing they are part of a local, national and world community helps our children to become good citizens. As a Unicef Rights Respecting school, our children know their rights and understand the importance of consent. Our creative approach aims to inspire little minds while our 'Prepare, Practise, Perform' mantra supports children to learn more and remember more. 


Through participation in school performances, church celebrations and community events, we aim to nurture talent and build confidence. Regular visits to places of interest linked to topic themes, and exposure to high quality classic texts, allow children to broaden their learning experiences. Visitors are valued because of the wealth of knowledge they bring to the classroom.


We love keeping fit and healthy and know that we achieve our best with a healthy mind and body. Our dedicated Sports Development Officer provides our children will a high quality sporting curriculum and ensures that children receive their full entitlement to physical activity. Beyond the school day he provides opportunities for the pupils to become team members in a range of sporting events.


As a Children's University School, a range of extracurricular activities are provided that appeal to children’s interests and help to develop skills that they can apply to their life beyond the classroom.


The latest technology is used by staff and children to enhance and accelerate learning and prepare children for the technological advancements of the future.


Growth mindset approaches teach our children that anything is possible with a resilient attitude, time and effort. Academic success and personal achievement are highly promoted and celebrated throughout the school day and in weekly family assemblies.