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Academy Conversion

Following on from a consultation meeting with parents in September, I'm happy to update that the move to convert from a local authority maintained school to an academy is well on track to take place, as planned.


The scheduled date for Conversion is February 1st. On this day, Walsall Wood will join St Martin's Academy Trust. 


As I've shared previously with parents, the transition will be a smooth one and parents shouldn't really notice a difference at all. The school name remains the same, the uniform remains the same and the day to day running of the school continues as normal. 


Across the country, local authority schools are making the choice to move to academy trusts because this allows single schools, such as ours, to team up with other schools to share resources, share good practice and, most importantly, work together for the benefit of our children. 


Should you have any questions about the conversion, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.