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Science Week

British Science Week officially runs from 10th - 19th March. In  school we start celebrating this, week beginning 6th March, with additional Science lessons and activities. 


This year's theme is 'Connections': connections in our bodies, between people, between plants and animals, between planets and even electrical connections.


We will start the week with a special assembly on Monday morning to launch the events and competitions that will be taking place. Each afternoon, (Monday to Thursday), children will take part in Science investigations.

Then on Friday afternoon, all children will take part in an additional experiment linked to this year's theme. 

Reception- Water Wall Experiment 

Year 1- Travelling Colours

Year 2-Bridges and Tunnels

Year 3- Escape the Ice 

Year 4- Electrical Connections

Year 5- Parachutes

Year 6- Fingerprints


Competition for the children

This year we are asking children to design a poster to celebrate connections. This may be to do with the experiment they completed in school, or something else they have been curious about during the week.